Benefit Payments

Benefit Payments

We have been working in the benefits payment arena since day one, and it continues to be one of the most active areas of our business. Our solutions allow your clients to fully manage their pension disbursement processing, allowing you to focus more on the payment processing and less on the data entry.

Remote Data Collection Software - EnterPay

Our remote data collection systems allow your clients to enter data through formatted screens or import the data from a spreadsheet or from a payroll system extract utilizing our powerful importing engine. Once the data is entered, it can be transmitted back as transactions to be loaded into the your payment system. The software provides formatted data-entry screens as well as basic field edits, features which are sacrificed when using spreadsheets for data entry. Our benefit payment remote data collection application is EnterPay.

Data Conversion Software - DC Pro

Many payment providers struggle with converting data that is periodically provided by their customers into an input format that is acceptable for their payment system. Our premiere data conversion product, DC Pro, can be used to address this need. The system is able to convert client data files into a transaction format that conforms to the layout requirements of your payment system. DC Pro gives you the ability to convert spreadsheets, fixed-format, comma delimited, and even report layout style files and can be customized to meet the transaction requirements of any payment system.

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Remote Data Access - Pension Data Access (PDA)

While remote data collection is a nice feature, we've taken it one step further with our remote data access application. The system allows your clients to view and make changes to their payment data. The payment data is downloaded by the client on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, etc), giving them a current snapshot of what is in the payment system. The system includes extensive reporting for balancing and recordkeeping. At the end of the processing period, payment data updates are sent back to the payment system in the form of a transaction file. This solution empowers your clients to take ownership of their own payment data. Users of this system love the control they have over their own payment data, so much so that we have had
individual end users contract with us to customize the system to a new payment system when they changed payment providers. Our remote data access solution is PDA (Pension Data Access).

Benefit Payment Data Archive

Our payment archive application allows separate storage of detailed, historical check information that would typically be removed from the payment processing system. It can also be used to keep historical data when changing payment system providers or for terminated accounts. The system includes data review screens as well as basic reporting.

Tax Forms

Our tax form applications allow you to import data from a payment system for the purpose of creating tax forms. Data can also be entered manually to reprint a tax form or to print a corrected tax form. This solution has also been customized to produce state tax reporting forms as well.

State Tax Modules

We currently maintain the US federal and state tax tables as well as the Canadian federal and province tax tables for a large US pension and lump sum payment provider. This includes regularly researching and staying abreast of all changes at the state and federal level and providing source code changes for the payment systems. In addition, we also have a stand-alone application that calculates US state and federal tax for pension and lump sum payments based on marital status and number of exemptions.

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