DC Pro - Data Conversion Pro

DC Pro - Data Conversion Professional

Data conversion is an important aspect of our business. We have developed many tools over the years to aid us in the process. Our latest conversion software product, Data Conversion Pro (DC Pro) is a general-purpose financial transaction builder. Many of our previous tools focused on a specific transaction format or type, DC Pro raises the bar by allowing you to create output transactions for any type of layout. 

The system includes a simple interface for designing layouts for an output transaction file on a record-by-record and field-by-field basis. Once a layout is designed, one or more specific conversions can be created that use that layout by mapping data from a raw input file to its appropriate location on the output records in the layout. DC Pro then creates an output transaction file by filling the fields on the record layouts with the associated input file data according to the conversion definition mapping.

DC Pro also includes the ability to create balancing and detail reports for the converted data. The system retains the definitions that are created so that conversion projects of a periodic nature (such as a file of monthly lump sum payments or a monthly payroll feed) can be executed repeatedly as needed. 

DC Pro handles a variety of input file types including spreadsheets, fixed-format text files, comma-delimited files and text-based report files. The system can create both fixed-format text files with varying record types as well as spreadsheets.

A number of formatting options exist for the various data fields on the transaction records.

Because of its great flexibility, DC Pro is our tool of choice for custom data conversion projects. That's saying a lot for a company that does the number of conversions that we do!

To schedule a demo of DC Pro and see its capabilities in action, contact us today!

DC Pro Features

Customizable Layouts

Create layouts with multiple record types and formats as well as optional records

Data Validation

Validate input data against list of acceptable values and receive error notification of problems

Wide Variety of Input File Types

Choose from spreadsheets, fixed-format text files, comma-delimited files, report files and more

Record Grouping

Create conversions that allow for repeated groups of output records

Conversion Reports

Generate reports that summarize the input data for balancing and validation

Create Text Files or Spreadsheets

Create output files with fixed-format layouts or formatted, multi-sheet spreadsheets

Conversion Job Scripting

Schedule conversion jobs to run periodically based on the presence of an input file with no user input

Conditional Record Removal

Conditionally remove records that meet specific deletion criteria

Advanced Data Scrubbing

Use advanced scripting to handle input data with complex formatting requirements