ReSource - Endowment Sub-Accounting

ReSource - Endowment Sub-Accounting & Pooled Fund Sub-Accounting

ReSource is the perfect tool to manage your Endowment fund sub-accounting. It is simple to set up and easy to use, yet flexible enough to handle your special accounting needs.

ReSource frees you from complicated, unwieldy spreadsheet solutions and allows you to easily take results from your investment statements and allocate financial amounts to the various sub-accounts in your pooled funds. Our Recon Workbench provides a central hub for reconciling your account and includes tools for fund allocations, unitization, gifts and distributions, fund transfers and much more. The Recon Workbench provides balancing mechanisms and reports to accurately determine your sub-account balances.

A variety of account-level administrative reports and sub-account statements are available with the system and can easily be customized to your specific reporting requirements. 

Our sub-accounting solution was developed to meet a wide array of fund sub-accounting needs for two major US financial institutions and has been trusted by them for years. ReSource is used to process hundreds of endowment, planned giving, and donor-advised funds for entities large and small throughout the United States. 

We pride ourself on our ability to provide great service to each of our unique customers and their specialized needs. In addition to our availability and responsiveness, we also provide each of our customers with a personalized application setup that includes data conversion, customized data interfaces, and client-specific reporting and processes. 

ReSource is a GREAT Solution for...

Religious Institutions

Universities & Colleges

Private Schools



Charities & Non-Profits

ReSource Features

Recon Workbench

A central hub for allocating amounts, unitization, fund additions, sub-account spending, fund transfers, balancing and more

Simple Investment Results Entry

Investment totals can be entered manually for sub-account allocation or loaded automatically via a custom interface

Customizable Allocation Methods

Define allocation methods with a wide variety of options including sub-account eligibility, basis determination, cash/units, and posting location

Flexible Reporting

Customizable reporting to meet the needs of different types of endowment and planned giving entities

Powerful Data Importing Engine

Load sub-account specific information including demographic data, opening balances and financial transactions

Custom Extracts of Financial Activity

Financial data can be extracted to spreadsheets for reporting purposes or to feed other external processes and systems

Mutliple Pooled Funds Per Account

Easily process and report on accounts with multiple pooled funds and sources of investment

Account Specific Processing Notes

All accounts include an area to store processing notes to document processing methods, sub-account exceptions and other account-specific information

First-Class Customer Support

Enjoy excellent customer support from our team of experienced staff who have knowledge of both the system design and best sub-accounting practices