Data Conversion

From day one, converting data has been one of our strengths. All of our systems include a powerful importing engine for loading data from various sources into our applications. In addition, we are regularly involved with a number of clients in financial data conversion projects. As a result, we have developed several tools over the years for converting data and have acquired a high level of proficiency in dealing with the file layouts and formats from a variety of financial systems in our industry. Many of our clients choose to use our data conversion service because it is more cost-effective and faster than doing the job in-house.

  • Data Conversion Pro (DC Pro) - Because data conversion is such an important aspect of our business, we have developed many tools over the years to aid us in the process. Our latest conversion software product, Data Conversion Pro (DC Pro) is a general-purpose financial transaction builder. While many of our previous tools focused on a specific transaction format or type, DC Pro raises the bar by allowing you to create output transactions for any type of layout. The system includes a simple interface for designing the layout of the output transaction file on a record-by-record and field-by-field basis. A specific conversion is created by mapping data from the input file (data to be converted) to its appropriate location on the output records. Once the mapping is complete, the output transaction file is created from the input file and the associated mapping. The results are then available for review. DC Pro also includes the ability to create balancing and detail reports for the input data. The system retains the definitions that are created so that conversion projects of a periodic nature (such as a file of monthly lump sum payments) can be executed repeatedly as needed. Because of its great flexibility, DC Pro is our tool of choice as data conversion specialists. That's saying a lot for a company that does the number of conversions that we do!
  • Custom Data Conversion Service - We are regularly involved with our clients in financial data conversion projects. These projects include generating transactions from benefit payment and recordkeeping successor extracts, periodic loading of financial data (such as cost of living adjustments), new client set-ups, archiving of financial data, and formatting of data for one of our systems, just to name a few. Our goal is to offer exceptional value to each client by providing conversion data that is accurate and thoroughly-checked in a timely manner at an economical price. Because of our superior conversion tools and our vast experience with financial data conversion, we have the confidence to tackle any conversion project, even those that might not fit our normal template. We go the extra mile to provide conversion results that are well-checked with proper balancing documentation and an attention to detail. We believe you will be completely satisfied with your conversion results - something we hear regularly from our clients!